Best Eye clinic in Bellary

Madhuri Nursing Home is the Best eye clinic in Bellary. We have a facility for all types of ophthalmic surgeries with Boyle’s apparatus.  Surgical microscopes are attached with cameras for a live demonstration to ophthalmic surgeons for training. It also have TV attached outside for educating  patient’s relatives. This hospital is managed by well trained and dedicated staff providing a patient-friendly atmosphere. So, Madhuri Nursing home is considered to be top eye clinic in Bellary.

But planning will be such that, patients need not wait for long hours for examination and treatment. Hospital rates are competitive and within the reach of everyone. 

The eye is merely end organ that receives images and translates the information as an electric signal.

So it is propagated via  optic nerve is called visual center that lies at very back of  brain.

But visual center develops in response to good imaging by  eye and effective conduction of  signals to it.

Hence is driven by one important parameter. 


This hospital provides patients, families and referring physicians a place to find current accurate information about Squint, Cataract Surgery, and pediatric ophthalmology.

Because you have to get  imperative  regular basis examined that you get your child during formative years beginning from the age of 2 years to 8 years.

But it is mandatory to get a child examined earlier should be a history.

Here you have a right choice, we have a team of good gynecologists who can help in  correct diagnosis and management of  patient’s issues.

The issues are dealt insensitive way maintaining, The comfort and confidence of the patients. 

A good obstetrician/gynecologist is really a physician expert. who gives health-related information to patients in addition to surgery to women of all ages.

The most common reasons for consulting like Pregnancy and Fertility, there are various hurdles will women faces. like Adolescent menstrual problems, infections, cysts.

We offer best non-invasive cure for the disease process so that future reproductive function is not disturbed.

Contact Person:

      Dr. Sudhakar

Contact Details:

Mobile: 9611174274
Address: No-432, Moka road, Gandhinagar, Bellary, Karnataka-583103